Pebble Lisa LITE Pink Gen 2 Face washing machine

PEBBLE LISA LITEEVERYDAY SPA FOR SKIN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FAQ COMPACT SKIN CARE CYCLE WITH PEBBLE LISA LITE If you are too busy with daily work, do not skip the step of washing your face because cleansing is the key to a beautiful skin. Compact and convenient, Pebble Lisa Lite is...


Skin Care


If you are too busy with daily work, do not skip the step of washing your face because cleansing is the key to a beautiful skin. Compact and convenient, Pebble Lisa Lite is an indispensable treasure in the skin care routine. Gently wash away all dirt, makeup residue left on the skin, giving you clean, smooth, soft skin.



The compact elliptical design and soft Adhesive silicone bristles make it easy to brush away dirt in areas such as the wings of the nose, eye sockets, and corners of the lips.


T-sonic sound technology with 8 modes of vibration from strong to light, especially after 1 minute will interrupt 1 second to remind you to switch to other skin area on the face. On average, after 15 minutes of turning on the machine will automatically disconnect to save energy.


After 1 minute of use, the device will stop for 1 second to remind you to switch to another skin area on your face. On average, after 15 minutes, the machine will automatically turn off to save energy


Fast charging time, only need to charge 2 hours for 2-3 months.



Wet your face and device bristles

Apply cream on face or device

Hold down the power button 3 seconds to startg


Limit soaking the device for too long under water and dry it every time you use it.

Store in a cool, dry place, do not leave for a long time in the bathroom because moisture will affect the silicone.


2 years genuine warranty:

The first year: Exchange when the machine is damaged and faulty from the manufacturer and cannot be repaired.

Second year: Additional charge.

Hand washing cannot clean the skin, but on the contrary, can push dirt down the pores, the force of the fingers acting on the skin can cause sagging and aging skin. The face wash device has a large contact area on the surface of the skin, a stable frequency of vibrations to help remove dirt more effectively than washing your face by hand.

In terms of features, both machines are not much different, but in terms of size, the Pebble Lisa Lite is smaller than the Pebble Lisa. Thanks to the ellipse design, Pebble Lisa Lite easily removes dirt and sebum in the T-zone, corner of the nose. In addition, Pebble Lisa Lite has an auto-off mode after 1 minute to remind you to change direction. You can choose depending on your personal needs.

Using a face wash and having acne in the first 2 weeks is very normal. It is the process of pushing hidden acne under the skin. After a while the pores become open, pushing acne will gradually disappear.

If your skin is sensitive skin, no matter what product you use, you should slowly let your skin adapt to the device. You should only use the device 2-3 times in the first week to see how your skin reacts. You can use it slowly at the lowest vibration level then gradually increase to get used to the device. Then you create your own personalized skincare routine.

The face wash is suitable for daily use, however, you can adjust the use every other day depending on your needs and skin. Should choose a mild cleanser, do not use with cleanser containing nuts will cause skin damage.

Not recommended for pregnant women, dermatitis, sunburn, people who have had surgery, have heart disease.

The machine can be cleaned with facial cleanser or wiped with a soft cloth, drained after use. Do not leave it in the bathroom for a long time because moisture can affect the silicone. If not used for a long time, it should be stored in the box.

The device has a water-resistant function, however, you should not soak the device for too long in a water bath, this will affect the life of the device.

For the convenience of the warranty, we take care of it via email. If there is a problem during use, please send your Name - Purchase phone number - Product name - Product condition (Image/video of the condition) via email: The warranty department will respond to your email during business hours.